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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of OpenDTN?

DTN implementations are few and far between, and while several of those exist for a specific platform or environment, others are focused on minimal feature sets or with specific design constraints. OpenDTN is another entry into the field of delay and disruption tolerant networks. OpenDTN is intended to provide an alternative general purpose implementation for Linux that complies with the consensus of contributors of the IETF and DTNWG’s. Development is being driven towards feature sets with large scale deployments in mind. Granted, we’re not at that point yet, but an end-goal does exist.

Why build into the kernel?

Why deal with the complications in development, the increase in security threats, or the possibility of less stability. Everything comes at a cost and has it’s trade-offs. Like other networking protocols within the kernel, OpenDTN operates on the design principle of splitting mechanism and policy. A majority of DTN implementations are deployed on Linux which is embedded in hardware such as network infrastructure, spacecraft, underwater platforms, sensor nets and IoT’s to name a few. Hopefully, OpenDTN evolves into just another protocol option for users to select from within the Linux kernel network infrastructure.

But in the end, OpenDTN is just another experiment.