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OpenDTN TCL Interpreter Commands

Command dtn::daemon

Use to start and stop the opendtnd process.

This command may be issued interactively or via script.


dtn::endpoint start

This subcommand performs the following checks before starting the opendtnd process:

  • That there are no currently running opendtnd processes.
  • That the interface is fully configured before starting.

This command must be issued before any of the interfaces or links have been enabled.

dtn::endpoint stop

Stops the opendtnd process. Interactive only?


dtn::daemon start

set result [dtn::daemon start]

if {$id < 0} {
	puts "Error: opendtnd failed to start"
} else {
	puts "opendtnd started, $result"

dtn::endpoint stop

set result [dtn::daemon stop]

if {$result < 0} {
	puts "Error: opendtnd failed to stop"
} else {
	puts "opendtnd stopped"

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