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Installing OpenDTN

1) Load the modules into the kernel, starting with opendtn_bp.ko first.

$ sudo insmod opendtn_bp.ko <km_params> 	/* Must be first */
$ sudo insmod opendtn_udpcl.ko <km_params>
$ sudo insmod opendtn_tcpcl.ko <km_params>

2) Confirm the insertion of modules by using lsmod.

$ lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
opendtn_udpcl          16384  0
opendtn_bp             32768  1 opendtn_udpcl

Uninstalling OpenDTN

  1. To uninstall the kernel modules, remove in the opposite order as when inserting the modules. opendtn_bp must be last.
$ sudo rmmod opendtn_tcpcl
$ sudo rmmod opendtn_udpcl
$ sudo rmmod opendtn_bp		/* Must be last */