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Configuring the DTN Node

There are several methods to configuring OpenDTN.

  1. Kernel module parameters.
  2. The /proc virtual file system.
  3. Using the odtnctl user space tool. See opendtn for details.

KM Parameters

Passing parameters for the purpose of configuring a module is the unlikely approach, but is being implemented for applications that involve more of a set and forget approach with a minimal installation.

In this example, node_id is being passed in the loading of the opendtn_udpcl module.

$ sudo insmod opendtn_bp.ko node_id="dtn://node-20/incoming"

Virtual File System /proc

The second method is shown here when setting the parameter during runtime via /proc.

$ echo "dtn://node-20/incoming" > /proc/net/opendtn/node_id 

Same method, but for reading a parameter during runtime.

$ cat /proc/net/opendtn/node_id

Available Kernel Module Parameters

Kernel Module Parameter Name Virual File System Path
opendtn_bp node_id /proc/net/opendtn/node_id

odtntcl Userspace Tool

odtnctl is a TCL interpreter which is primarily how OpenDTN is configured and can be run as an extenstion or as an embedded interpreter for both scripting and interactive use. The information on this tool can be found here.